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About Us

Archetype Entertainment is a game development studio in Austin, Texas led by industry veterans from BioWare and other AAA studios. Founded in 2019, Archetype is a division of Wizards of the Coast.

We are assembling a world-class team to build a multi-platform roleplaying game set in a brand new science fiction universe.


“The tremendous opportunity and challenge we have in building a new world-class game studio isn't lost on us. We're leaning on the experience and talent of our entire team to create what we believe will be the next generation of acclaimed, narrative-driven roleplaying games.”

— Chad Robertson, General Manager


Our Team

Our Team

We are experienced game developers with a passion for Excellence.


Our team includes veterans from many of the top AAA game studios in the industry, including BioWare, Naughty Dog, 343 Industries, id Software, Santa Monica Studio, and more.

We're building an environment where passionate developers are empowered to do their best work. We believe in a culture of constructive criticism and encourage feedback from everyone on our team to make our games great. 

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Our Goal

Our Goal

CREATE THE GREATEST science fiction roleplaying games in the world.

At Archetype, we believe there will always be a place for story-driven roleplaying games that put the player at the center of an epic personal narrative with impactful choices. We are building games that represent the diversity of our audience. We also believe that game studios should empower top developers and challenge them with ambitious projects that are shaped by a strong, clearly communicated creative vision.


“Archetype is a chance for us to build the type of roleplaying game that we love to play. Video games are a uniquely interactive medium. They allow us to give the player powerful choices that have real consequences on how the story unfolds.”

— James Ohlen, Head of Studio


Our Values

Our Values


People trust and respect each other at a level that allows for critical discourse without defensiveness. 


We empower each team member to innovate and work autonomously within their sphere of influence.


We understand that we can always improve and learn from other team members and other studios.


Join Archetype

Join Us

Help us create amazing games

We're looking for talent of all experience levels that shares our passion and work-ethic for creating high-quality games with epic stories and immersive gameplay.


Archetype Entertainment is an equal opportunity employer; we celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

Note for prospective candidates: We're excited to talk to you. Archetype will never use personal or email accounts to contact candidates. All emails from us will come from (note the hyphen) or email addresses. We will never ask for personal info (ssn) or money as part of the interview process. We never interview over messenger or text-based chat and we do not use telegram.

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Current Job openings


Studio Location


Austin, TX

We chose Austin because it is a great place to live and work. Austin is the capital of Texas and is a fast-growing city with a vibrant music scene, cosmopolitan culture, a world-class university, and scenic rolling hills. It ranks consistently as one of the
top places to live in the U.S.

We're open to hiring remote employees for certain roles. If relocation is not an option for you, we'd still like to talk to you.

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